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Located within Judd Hair in Brightwater, Mountain Creek on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, we help busy mums, time-poor business babes and those who value their sleep in’s, to wake up with fabulous eyebrows.

We provide the highest quality semi-permanent Feathertouch / Microblade, Ombre and combination brows, specifically measured using the golden triangle method, shaped to your natural features to enhance your natural beauty.

Why spend your precious time perfecting your eyebrows each morning, only to be disappointed in a less than professional result?

Alaska Bloom Cosmetic Tattoo offers a relaxed and calming experience. Come and kick your feet up, breathe a little deeper and spend a couple of hours focusing on you in our relaxing cosmetic studio, whilst we transform your brows from beige to beautiful.

Definitely recommend Alaska Bloom! I really enjoyed my experience visiting the studio and meeting Gabby. She explained the procedure to me in detail and I felt really comfortable. She has a lot of knowledge around the skin and brow care and I knew I would be in safe hands. My brows are great! I had the microblading procedure to help fill in some sparse areas and thinning brows that developed since I’ve had my babies. I’m so glad I did. I really wish I’d been brave enough to do this sooner! 😆 I just wanted to write this review to say Thankyou Gabby for not just the service but the way you were able to put me at ease as I was a bit of a nervous nelly! I will definitely be back for my annual touch up. x


Microblading / Feathertouch 

Natural hair strokes are used to create a realistic look, whilst filling in sparse sections of the brow. Perfect for those seeking a natural look, or for those with thinning brows.



Subtle shading of the brow to create a polished look; as if you have just had your brows freshly tinted! Great for people who fill in their brows every morning or love a more glamorous and full appearance.



A stunning combination of fluffy feather strokes at the beginning of the brow, combined with a dusty bold tail for an incredibly natural, yet defined look.


Thanks for bringing my eyebrows into the 21st century…I feel fabulous ❤️❤️❤️


Exquisite Eye for Detail

We have some of the most extensive training in the industry utilising the most advanced techniques to give you a natural, precision perfect result. We don’t use outdated techniques that can leave your brows looking heavy and dark. Our work is fresh, detailed and specifically tailored to your features and wishes.

Quality Products

Our Pigments, blades, needles and tattoo implements are of the highest quality available, obtained from the USA, the UK and Germany. This ensures a quality, long-lasting result that will remain true to colour over time.

Relaxing and Warm Service

Arrive as a client, leave as a friend. We value your time, your energy and your wellbeing. It is our aim to provide a memorable, relaxing and warm experience where you feel comfortable to share openly and honestly with us about your hopes and desires for your procedure. We can’t wait to meet you!

I’ve been nervous about getting my brows done as I’m a therapist myself and its scary!!! But Gabby really put my mind at ease by explaining exactly how she would map out my brows, and really took the time to understand how I like my brows to look day to day. We decided upon a powdered brow look because I use powder every day to fill them in! Her work is beautiful and she explained the after-care very thoroughly.


FAQs  – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of a brow tattoo procedure?

Numbing cream is applied to the skin for 20 minutes to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible. Most people describe the feeling of the tattoo as a light scratching. We then commence mapping out and drawing on the shape of your brows, which is done by working from specific points of your face. We will also discuss pigment colour and any other specific requests. Once we are both happy to proceed, we commence tattooing. We do not tattoo until you are 100% happy! The procedure will take approximately 2 hours. Following the initial procedure, we will schedule an appointment for 6 weeks time, for you to return for a perfection visit. You will be given detailed aftercare instructions to follow carefully.

How long does Cosmetic Tattooing last?

Approximately 12 – 18 months on average. Everyone’s body metabolises pigment differently, with retention longevity effected by medications, skincare, medical conditions, aftercare, sun exposure and skin PH.  There are ways, however, to prolong the life of your tattoo, including daily application of SPF and avoiding skincare that causes peeling of the skin.

I don't want thick, dark or very obvious eyebrows. Can you still help me achieve a fuller, natural look?

Absolutely! We can create eyebrows of any shape, thickness and colour. We have a broad range of pigments available and eyebrows can be created to match your desires and preferences. Eyebrows will be created specific to your features (hair colour, eye and skin colour, face shape and everyday style). Our goal is always to create realistic, modern and fresh eyebrows that may even fool your family and friends!

Who cannot undergo a cosmetic tattoo procedure?

*Minors under 18 years of age

*Pregnant women

*Breastfeeding women

*Anyone undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment

*Anyone who experiences Hypertrophic / Keloid scarring

*Anyone who has used Accutane in the previous 12 months.

What is the healing process like? Do I need to hide away in a bunker for weeks?

During the first few weeks following your procedure, your brows will go through a healing journey. They will feel quite bold for the first few days. The skin may then start to scab a little and may be a little itchy. Your brows may then become quite light as a protective layer of skin forms over the brows. This skin will then shed away and the colour will return, having settled approximately 40% lighter than the day of the procedure.

It is important to keep your brows dry during the healing process, so we do not recommend swimming, heavy exercise or spending time in sweaty environments during the first few weeks, as sweat can effect colour retention.

Most people describe the healing process as quite tolerable. They remain able to go to work and continue daily life without concern.


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We’re located inside Judd Hair;

69-79 Attenuata Dr, Mountain Creek, Sunshine Coast.

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